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Cracking Tennis’s Inner Circle

The Wall Street Journal (3/23/12)
Andy Murray has waited. And waited. And waited.
In the last decade, tennis has taken a series of astounding leaps. First came Roger Federer, seemingly the perfect player, an athlete so sublime that he made blowouts look beautiful. Then came Rafael Nadal, the man who tormented that perfect player. Now Novak Djokovic, the world No. 1 and winner of the last three Grand Slam titles, has passed them both. Read more...

From Wimbledon to Winnebago

The Wall Street Journal (3/3/11)
Mats Wilander, the former No. 1 tennis player in the world, won seven Grand Slam titles in a Hall of Fame career. If you would like to take a tennis lesson from him, please call 787-GET-GAME and he'll drive to your local club in his Winnebago.
"At first I thought it was a joke," said Andrew White, a bond trader at III Offshore Advisors who plays at Bear Lakes Country Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., where Wilander has visited the last two years. "Then... Read more...

Federer’s Best Shot

The Wall Street Journal (6/17/2011)
Roger Federer shouldn't look this good.
He has played 959 professional matches in his career, appeared in 46 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments and spent more than a decade criss-crossing time zones while collecting a record 16 major singles titles and more than $60 million in prize money. Married and the father of twin 22-month-old girls, Mr. Federer brings his family—jet lag, runny noses and all—on the road with him from Melbourne to Paris to London to New York, and many places in between. Read more...

The Next King of the Court?

The Wall Street Journal (4/15/11)
Like all great tennis players before him, Novak Djokovic, the wiry, elastic-limbed 23-year-old who began 2011 with 24 consecutive victories, is an anomaly. Few sports have the global talent pool of tennis, so an ascent to the game's peak requires inordinate athleticism, ambition, mental fortitude and luck.
It also helps if you're from Serbia.

Nadal’s New Challenge: ‘I’m Not a Kid Anymore’

The Wall Street Journal (8/26/11)
The U.S. Open begins Monday and the defending men's champion, the normally unflappable Rafael Nadal, has a lot on his mind.
One problem: After an entire life spent pursuing older, better, more accomplished tennis players and conquering them all, someone has caught up to him. Read more...

Now Everyone Is a Racket Diva

The Wall Street Journal (9/1/11)
Like musicians, sculptors, painters and sommeliers, the stars of the U.S. Open have exquisitely fine-tuned senses when it comes to the implements of their trade. Professional tennis players can be extremely finicky when it comes to choosing their weapon of choice. WSJ's Tom Perrotta put 13-year pro Michael Russell to the test to see how well he knows his own rackets.
This is a polite way of saying they can be total divas about their rackets. Read more...

Pulling Strings for the Court’s Biggest Stars

The Wall Street Journal (5/28/11)
PARIS—A better serve, improved fitness and a gluten-free diet have all helped Novak ivanovic to a phenomenal 39-0 start to the tennis season. And then there's his racket stringer. Read more...